Buying & Selling Safely During COVID-19



Buying and Selling during COVID-19Are you wondering how to navigate the real estate market during this unprecedented public health crisis? Keep reading as we walk you through our process for keeping our buyers and sellers safe.


The health and well-being of our clients ALWAYS comes first. We take all precautions possible to ensure our clients are protected from the COVID-19 virus. This does not simply stop at ensuring proper sanitization and PPE wearing – although those are extremely important – it’s how we’re utilizing new technologies to help implement strategies for business communications, personal interactions and especially marketing methods.


The Right Realtor for You

Choosing the right Realtor to represent your best interests is an incredibly important decision – even more so during this pandemic. When doing your research for your ideal agent, not only should you be looking for a representative who has the experience, local knowledge, and a personality that puts you at ease; but also very important – make sure they are using the latest technologies and top-tier marketing techniques such as social media design, professional photography, video and 360 Virtual Tours. An agent walking around taking listing pictures with their cell phone does not cut it in today’s highly competitive market.

We completely understand that you may have some reservations when it comes to buying or selling during the COVID-19 pandemic. To help put your mind at ease, we would love to schedule a virtual meeting with you to discuss how we’ve adapted our business techniques during this pandemic and what tools we have available to help you – such as virtual tours and remote showings, and also how easy is can be to review documents and complete transactions from the safety and comfort of your living room by utilizing our e-signature technology.

Showcasing a House with Technology

While this pandemic continues to interrupt our lives, we’ve all had to adapt to this “new normal” way of doing business. We take great pride that our forward-thinking use of modern technology has left us in an enviable position of not having to rush around playing catchup and having to learn new techniques and technologies. We have always pushed ourselves to market each and every home with the latest in online marketing technology and tools.

We believe that every home (no matter the size, price or market conditions) deserves our full and complete suite of marketing services to ensure each and every one of our clients’ listings get the attention they deserve – we are among the very few Realtors who offer all of these services as standard.

In addition to providing full-service marketing services such as video, 360 virtual tours and professional photography for our sellers on every listing; For our buyers we also offer video conferencing for meetings and even live video walk-through showings of properties our buyers may be interested in, but are unable to visit due to safety concerns or pre-existing conditions that may make it impossible to visit otherwise during this pandemic.

We are always here to look after your family’s best interests and safety.

Closing, Virtually

Home closings are usually busy times. Lots of documents to sign and review with mortgage and insurance brokers, lawyers and your real estate agent. The good news is we now have the technology to do all, or at least the majority, of these tasks virtually.

The use of e-signature technologies really makes the tedious task of reviewing and signing paperwork so much easier. Although we would normally prefer an in-person approach, the technology does exist now to allow clients to purchase or sell a property 100% digitally.

As a buyer, seller, or both; our goal is to help you navigate all the virtual and in-person options to ensure your experience is safe, professional and rewarding. It is our job to ensure your needs are fulfilled with our professionally tailored approach.

Our goal is to make your home buying and selling experience as personal and comfortable as possible while keeping your family’s safety as our top priority.