Greely is a quickly growing rural community in Osgoode Ward in the southern end of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Prior to amalgamation in 2001, it was part of the Township of Osgoode. It has been a part of the City of Ottawa since. Greely is currently the largest rural village in terms of land area and the third largest in terms of population in the City of Ottawa.[citation needed] According to the Greely Community Association, it is bounded on the east by Sale Barn Road and Greyscreek Road, on the north by Mitch Owens on the west by Manotick Station Road, and on the south by Snake Island Road. According to the Canada 2011 Census, the population within these boundaries was 9,049.

Greely is home to a set of tight-knit and unique communities throughout the village. Most homes sit on ½ acre to 2-acre lots. Some developers offer condominium-like amenities such as pools, tennis courts, man-made lakes, beaches, and small neighbourhood community centres within their residential communities. The Greely Community Centre hosts meetings and activities for the entire rural town. Every year, they organize a Winter Carnival and a renowned Canada Day celebration.

Throughout the last eight years Greely has seen a 58.7% increase in the number of dwellings. Greely’s increasingly rapid growth can be attributed to its rural atmosphere and easy access to Ottawa’s urban center. Furthermore, Greely presently has several large areas of undeveloped land within its boundaries. Greely’s boundaries currently contain enough land for approximately twenty-two years of residential growth based on current development patterns.

Greely has a strong commercial district housing many small and medium manufacturing and services companies. It has a spattering of businesses to provide the community with essentials, including 2 gas stations, 3 pizzerias, a 24-hour Grocery Store located on Meadow Drive, and a couple of restaurants. Residents are eagerly anticipating new commercial developments around Parkway Road and Bank St.

Download (PDF): Greely-Community-Design-Plan