Lebreton Flats

LeBreton Flats (also spelled Lebreton Flats) (French: Plaines Lebreton) is a neighbourhood in Somerset Ward in central Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It lies to the west of Centretown neighbourhood, and to the north of Centretown West with Nanny Goat Hill as the dividing line. The Ottawa River forms the western and northern limit, with the western side being a wider area of the river known as Nepean Bay.

Originally a residential area, most of the Flats are now taken up by the Canadian War Museum and the Lebreton Flats bandshell. About half of the total area, on the southern side, is undergoing redevelopment. The population was only 373 (2011 Census), up from 57 in 2006, and 50 in 2001[2]

n May 2005, the new home for the Canadian War Museum was opened on LeBreton Flats as the first component of redevelopment. There are plans to use the remainder of the site for housing, commercial space, offices and parkland.

The southern part of LeBreton Flats between Albert Street and Nanny Goat Hill escaped the expropriation of the 1960s. In this area, brick houses and townhouses built immediately following the 1900 fire still exist alongside row housing built in the 1970s. The portion of Lorne Avenue which lies below Nanny Goat Hill is an example of the housing which filled LeBreton prior to the 1960s and is a Heritage District designated by the City of Ottawa.